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Cranbrook’s Auto Repair and Toyota Maintenance Specialist

Toyotas are meant to last a lifetime. But that doesn’t happen by chance. It happens through regular maintenance from Toyota certified professionals. Still, even if you adhere to your Toyota’s maintenance schedule perfectly, breakdowns happen. That’s where we excel—providing the fastest, most thorough, and professional Toyota maintenance and car repair in Cranbrook.

With each of our repairs, Alpine Toyota’s technicians balance quality workmanship and speedy repair with top-tier customer service. We make sure every job is done right the first time and back up our promises with our Drive Home Happy Guarantee.

Want to learn more about the service experience at our dealership? Here’s what you can expect when you service your vehicle with Alpine Toyota in Cranbrook:

An Exceptional Customer Experience

We know that you have a busy schedule, and finding time to bring in your vehicle for service can be challenging. We make every effort to find the nearest time that fits your schedule. Using our online service appointment booking can give you the flexibility and efficiency you need. Schedule an appointment when it’s convenient for you!

The convenience of booking an appointment on your schedule extends to our on-site service hours, which include a full day on Saturday to provide the Toyota auto repair you need when the hectic weekday doesn’t provide an option.

When you stop by, we can promise a modern, comfortable waiting area as well as one of the unique perks of coming to the dealership—the opportunity to casually browse the latest line of Toyota cars and trucks.

Highly Trained, Expert Technicians

Perhaps the best benefit of choosing Alpine Toyota for auto repair in Cranbrook is the knowledge our expert technicians bring when servicing your vehicle. Quite simply, generic car repair shops cannot compete with the in-depth knowledge gained from working on Toyota vehicles day in, day out.

Experience is paired with an exceptional, dealer-backed training regimen that guarantees the professionals working on your vehicle have an encyclopedic knowledge of the latest repair techniques on all models of Toyota vehicles. Whether you’re bringing in a near-new vehicle for its first scheduled maintenance stop, or one of the many Toyotas still humming away after 200,000 miles, you can rest assured that we have a staff capable of maintaining its consistent performance.

Auto Repair Services in Cranbrook, BC

Blend our technicians’ skills with access to the latest diagnostic technology and tools, and you have the ideal tandem of expertise and equipment to ensure the finest Toyota auto repair. At our service centre in Cranbrook, our technicians are more than capable of handling any of the following issues your car may have:

Fast, Reliable Service for Any Need

Having the right people and the right tools to work on your car expedites your repair. It takes less time to discover the repair your car needs and how to complete it quickly. Getting service jobs done faster means more openings for appointments and lower labor costs to you.

Another factor plays into this speed and efficiency, too: our access to genuine Toyota parts for your car repair. Rather than waiting days for an auto repair shop to order and receive the part, you enjoy the benefit of a fully stocked inventory of Toyota parts to get you back on the road faster.

We can’t recommend keeping up with scheduled maintenance enough. Many services, such as oil changes, air filter replacements, and tire rotations, are simple, inexpensive ways to get the most out of your investment and help you spend less time in the shop and more time cruising down the road. A routine tune-up at our Cranbrook auto repair facility includes a thorough inspection of all critical parts, which allows us to catch minor issues before they become major ones. As Toyota specialists, we know just what to look for at every stage of your vehicle’s life.

Here are some critical components and checks to keep in mind with your Toyota car or truck:


Even though we know that Cranbrook enjoys a relatively mild winter compared to other Canadian regions, it still gets cold—cold enough to make you shiver just thinking about your battery dying in mid-January. Checking your battery before the start of winter is always a good idea, and our Toyota technicians are happy to perform a battery check when you bring in your vehicle for service.

If it’s time for a new battery, make sure you find the right one for your Toyota. Everything from the physical size to the reserve capacity of your battery needs to match the requirements for your vehicle. And while plenty of auto suppliers stock an array of batteries, the length of time a battery has been sitting idle on the shelf affects its long-term health and reliability. We can help you not only find the right battery but also ensure you’re receiving a truly new part for your car.


Brake fluid. Transmission fluid. Coolant. Power-steering fluid. For the average driver, it’s hard to keep them all straight and remember which was just changed and which may be due for a top-off or refresh.

But don’t worry. We’re here to help. For starters, let’s quickly go through each and its major function for your Toyota. Brake fluid plays a critical role in maintaining a safe vehicle, and changing your brake fluid regularly can also help extend the lifespan of your braking system. Because brake fluid absorbs moisture and air, it deteriorates over time, increasing the required stopping distance for your vehicle and eventually corroding brake lines.

Transmission fluid helps lubricate the internal gears in your transmission, ensuring a smooth transition from gear to gear. Like other fluids, debris can build up in your transmission fluid over time. Apart from protecting your transmission system, new transmission fluid can also yield a better driving experience, allowing your car to shift gears more efficiently.

Coolant performs the critical function of keeping your engine within a narrow temperature window, especially as temperatures begin to fall in November or rise in June. The same dust and water that affect transmission and brake fluid also, over time, have a negative impact on the effectiveness of your engine coolant. Changing your coolant is a critical part of extending the life of your engine. And with how long you know your Toyota will last, it makes sense to keep up with this simple maintenance issue.

The power-steering fluid has perhaps the most obvious purpose—to make it easy to turn your wheel. Debris, once again, is the culprit that necessitates the fluid exchange. However, keeping your power-steering fluid clean and at the right level protects your power-steering system from a more costly and potentially dangerous failure.

No matter what issue brings you to our Cranbrook service center, our technicians can quickly diagnose the state of your core fluids and let you know if any should be replaced.


While a properly functioning engine and transmission may be the components that take you from Point A to Point B, your brake system is what makes a safe journey possible. That’s why caring properly for your brake system is one of the most essential automotive maintenance issues for your Toyota.

The signs of brake wear are easy to spot, from a longer stopping distance to strange noises when braking or a pulsating brake pedal. Diagnosing the exact issue can be a bit more complicated, as the same symptoms can be caused by several brake components. It’s yet another reason that having Toyota auto repair experts inspect your brake system saves you time and money. You can trust that we’ll diagnose the issue correctly the first time and fix only what needs to be fixed.


Here’s all you need to know about how important your tires can be: They’re a critical part of strategy for auto racing. And while you’re not looking to shave a few tenths of a second off your home-to-work lap time, you do have the need for solid grip, especially in inclement weather.

The first step to extend the life of your tires is regular rotation and alignment. This ensures even wear on your tires; uneven wear can quickly cause even quality tires to decline in performance prematurely. Proper alignment has other benefits, too, like increasing your fuel efficiency and improving steering control.

In addition to these easy, professionally performed services, you can do your part by keeping your tires properly inflated. Improper inflation can cause uneven wear, but other, more specific, problems can arise, too. Overinflation decreases traction while underinflation may lead to overheating and the potential separation of the tread from the tire.

Wear bars help tire experts know when you’re ready for a new set. These strips of smooth rubber begin to appear as the tire wears down, making it easy to spot the need for new tires. Our dealership stocks all major brands and, because we focus on Toyota cars and trucks, you can trust that we’ll have the tire you need in stock.

Trust Alpine Toyota for Cranbrook Auto Repair

We’d all love for our cars to run smoothly for decades. And with proper scheduled maintenance—along with the legendary durability of Toyota vehicles—you can make it happen. Enjoy the benefits of Toyota auto repair from our dealership’s highly trained professionals and the high-tech tools at their disposal.